A/C Does Not React After Setup | Sensibo

A/C Does Not React After Setup

You should read and follow this article when:

  1. You have installed Sensibo Sky.
  2. You have successfully connected Sensibo to your wifi network.
  3. You have paired your A/C remote control with Sensibo during the setup.
  4. You see the Sensibo Sky device react (with a blue light) when you use the Sensibo app.
  5. The A/C unit does not power ON/OFF


What to try:

  1. Make sure there is a direct line of sight between Sensibo and your A/C unit.
  2. Make sure that your remote control works from the same position that the Sensibo device is located.
  3. Try a different position for the Sensibo device, the black glossy part should be facing the A/C sensor. 
  4. For testing purposes, place the Sensibo device at about 1 meter / 3 feet from the the A/C unit and check if the A/C unit powers ON and OFF 

    You can use a standard phone power bank if it helps:
  5. If all fails:
    1. Go to https://home.sensibo.com
    2. Login with your username and password
    3. Choose 'Change remote model' from the options
    4. Manually try to select your A/C brand
    5. If your A/C brand is not in the list - try to go over the Generic items


   6. If you had tried all the above but your A/C unit still does not power ON or OFF with the Sensibo app, contact the Support Team. 

  • The Support Team will be able to adjust the settings of the Sensibo device so that it sends the correct signal to your a/c unit. Email Sensibo support at support@sensibo.com with the following details:
  • The Name or QR code of the Sensibo device this is happening with.
  • A picture of your remote control.