If you have changed your A/C unit or have a new remote control for the A/C you will need to pair the new remote control with the Sensibo device.

Here's what to do:

1. Open the Sensibo app and click on the device you need to pair the new remote control with.

Sensibo app device menu

2. From the device menu click on the Settings wheel icon located on the top right.

Sensibo app Settings wheel

3. From the menu click on 'Change remote'.

Sensibo app Change remote

4. A notification will pop up:

"Are you sure you want to reset the remote for "name of device"? This will reset the settings saved for this device. No / Yes".

Click 'Yes'.

Sensibo app reset remote

5. Sensibo will promt to pair with the new remote control. Get your remote control and click 'Next'.

Sensibo app get remote

6. You will be promted to point the remote control at the device while pressing the Power button on the A/C's remote control.

Sensibo pair remote

7. Once the remote is paired with the Sensibo device you will receive a notification "Remote indentified! You can now use your device". Sensibo remote paired

8. That's it! Sensibo is now paired with your new remote control.