What is Climate React mode? (Sensibo Air PRO)

Climate React is a temperature and humidity-based smart mode that allows you to control your a/c according to the temperature and/or humidity reading of the Sensibo sensor. 

You can also combine the two parameters - Temperature and Humidity - in order to set the Feels Like mode.

The Climate React mode allows for more efficient and economical use of your a/c by:

  • Dual Set Points

You can set the a/c to Heat when cold and to Cool when hot. 

  • Feels Like mode 

Takes into consideration the temperature and humidity levels so that you feel comfortable within the temperature set points. 

  • Comfort 

For example - You can set the a/c to start cooling when the temperature reaches 28°C / 82°F and then switch to Fan when the temperature is cooler, overriding the internal a/c thermostat.

  • Anti Freeze / Anti Heat

For example - You can set the a/c to turn on Heat when the temperature drops below 10°C/ 50°F to prevent freeze damage.


With Sensibo Climate React you can significantly save on electric bills by setting what your a/c does according to your temperature preferences.


To set the Climate React mode please see - How To Set The Climate React Mode

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