How to make Sensibo Air PRO control your A/C

You've installed Sensibo and connected it to your wifi network but Sensibo is unable to control your AC correctly or at all.

You had successfully set up your Sensibo device and connected it to your wifi network but:

1. Sensibo does not control your AC at all.

2. Sensibo controls the AC but only partially.

3. You have a *Window/Portable AC unit Sensibo seems to be sending the wrong command to the AC.


You can fix this by selecting a different remote control variant from the Sensibo web app  at

Check these videos for a step-by-step guide.

*If you have a Window/Portable AC, first make sure to set the AC unit to the same Mode, Fan speed and Temperature to match your Sensibo app.

Only when the AC and the Sensibo app show the same AC state, then test if Sensibo is able to control your AC correctly. 

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