SmartThings (unofficial) for Sensibo Air PRO

To integrate Sensibo & SmartThings, first download the SmartThings app from either the App Store or GooglePlay

After downloading the app, you will be directed to "get started" by logging in to SmartThings

Once inside the SmartThings app, you will be prompted to "add a device"

Scroll down to find "Sensibo"

You will be prompted to sign in to your Sensibo account and prompted to "Authorize SmartThings"

You will receive the following message once the connection between SmartThings and Sensibo is successful...

Your available Sensibo devices will appear within a list

Once the devices are synced, they will appear within the SmartThings app and you can organize them according to preference

Select which Sensibo device you would like to operate. You can power on & off, change the temperature as well as the mode

To get help on the SmartThings integration please post in the forum in the link above or join the Sensibo beta testers group on Facebook at

You may also reach out to us at with any questions.

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