How to troubleshoot a PM2.5 sensor that seems stuck on an abnormally high or flatline reading

Because of the operational nature of the PM2.5 sensor in the Sensibo Pure air purifier which continually draws air and particles through its sensor chamber, there is a possibility that larger particles, like dust or similar matter, could inadvertently enter the sensor chamber and become trapped. This may lead to the display of elevated (or even flatlines) PM 2.5 readings. Fortunately, this is easy to fix.

  1. Find the seven holes found on the back of the Sensibo Pure unit. This entry point can be found above the DC adaptor port.

  1. To remove any trapped particles, all you need is a can of compressed air equipped with a small spray nozzle. Unplug the Sensibo Pure unit to prevent any potential harm to the sensor or fan located within the Sensibo Pure unit.

You should see PM2.5 readings return to normal. If you continue to see abnormally high or flatline PM2.5 readings even after you've tried this solution, reach out to us at so that we can further assist you.

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