How to schedule your A/C with the Web App

How to schedule your A/C with the Web App

You can easily access the Schedule from the web app at


Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Go to the web app at

2. Login with your Sensibo User Account and password.

3. Click the More icon for the Sensibo device you want to set the schedule for

Sensibo More icon

4. Select Schedules

Sensibo Schedules

5. Click the + plus icon from the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Sensibo add schedule icon

6. The Add Schedule window will open 

Sensibo set schedule screen

7. You can set the HourMinuteAM/PM for the Schedule to run by clicking each and set your preference.

sensibo set schedule time

8. You can set the A/C State, Mode, Fan Level, and Temperature by clicking each of the icons.

sensibo schedule - mode

9. You can Repeat the Schedule by clicking the day/s you want the Schedule to run.

sensibo schedule repeat

10. You can Disable, Edit, or Delete an existing Schedule by clicking it on the calendar.

sensibo edit schedule

* Note that the Schedule will not be displayed in the web app display if it is not set to Repeat.

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