What is myanywAiR next?

myanywAiR next makes your smart AC even smarter.

At home or on the go, your home climate is now at your fingertips.

The myanywAiR next app allows you to control your air conditioner through our dedicated app from anywhere in the world and helps you save a significant amount of energy.

Integrates seamlessly with Alexa and Google Home for an optimal smart home experience.

myanywAiR is inserted into your Fujitsu AC. Once connected to wifi, it lets you control your A/C with an app from anywhere in the world.

With myanywAiR next you can:

❄ Control your AC from anywhere in the world through the app.

  • myanywAiR connects to the wifi network and remains inserted in your Fujitsu AC. The app is installed on a phone and as long as you have a wifi connection you can send a command to the a/c through the app.
  • The app is connected to wifi anywhere in the world -> sends a command via the myanywAiR that’s connected to the wifi network -> myanywAiR sends an infrared signal to the a/c.

❄ 7-day scheduling & timers - Schedule events in advance.

  • Schedule os for 24 hours ahead.
  • The timer is short-term, for less than 24 hours, even a few minutes.

❄ Save energy and reduce your electricity bills - The combination of Location awareness that will trigger the a/c off when the last person leaves, the ability to remotely control the a/c from anywhere, 7-day Scheduling, Reminders to clean the filter, Climate React mode that will trigger the a/c to maintain the temperature and trigger the a/c to turn off and on according to set points.

❄ Monitor the temperature and humidity in real time.

  • The myanywAiR app will indicate the current temperature in the room; as well as the current a/c state.
  • The temperature and humidity sensor is located in the Fujitsu unit.
  • The humidity reading is a calculation and not absolute reading.
  • Climate React mode will trigger the a/c according to the measured temperature from the Fujitsu unit.

❄ Automatically turns on when you arrive and turns off when everybody leaves.

  • Location Awareness feature. After setting up the location the Location Awareness can be set to turn the a/c ON and OFF upon arrival or departure.
  • The minimum range is 100 meters and is set for both exit and entry, although we suggest a larger range.
  • The mode will turn the a/c ON according to the last setting the a/c was ON. This includes the Swing setting the a/c was ON.

❄ Reacts automatically to temperature and humidity.

  • Climate React is a bit like a thermostat. myanywAiR can be programmed through the app and web app to change the temperature according to the measured temperature, humidity, or a combination of the two called Feels Like.
  • Two set points may be set in order for myanywAiR to trigger the a/c into action when a temperature is below and above 2 set points.
  • Only one profile may be set.

❄ Share your device with other people (family, co-workers, friends).

  • Users can share and unshare.
  • You may associate up to 15 myanywAiR devices to a single myanywAiR user account.
  • Each myanywAiR device will appear on the app for the myanywAiR user account. For example, you can have 15 myanywAiR devices associated with a single myanywAiR user account. All 15 myanywAiR devices will appear in the myanywAiR user account's app.
  • Each myanywAiR user account can share a single myanywAiR device with as many users as needed.
  • Each Sensibo user account will only be able to see the myanywAiR device that was shared with them. The person who receives the sharing invitation will only be able to control the specific device that was shared with them.
  • Each myanywAiR device has one admin. The admin is the myanywAiR user account that had opened the account.

❄ Works with Google Home/Assistant & Amazon Echo (Alexa), and more.

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