IFTTT for Sensibo Sky

To connect Sensibo to IFTTT:

  1. Go to https://ifttt.com/sensibo
  2. Click 'Connect' to connect your Sensibo account with IFTTT
  3. You will be redirected to Sensibo page where you have to enter your Sensibo username and password
  4. You're done! You can start using IFTTT recipes with Sensibo
  5. Check out https://ifttt.com/sensibo for examples and popular recipes

How to set IFTTT triggers using Climate React for Sensibo Sky

To create a trigger on IFTTT to work with the Climate React function, you will need to use IFTTT's webhook feature. Please do the following:

1. Go to https://ifttt.com/ and click the New Applet button on the right-hand side of the screen 

2. On the 'New Applet' screen click on this

IFTTT click this

 3. Type in Webhooks in the search field and choose the Webhooks service.

IFTTT type in webhooks


4. On the 'Choose trigger' screen click on Receive a web request.

IFTTT webhooks choose trigger

5. On the 'Complete trigger fields' screen type in the Event Name you want and click the Create trigger button.

***Do not enter spaces, instead use _ to separate words. Example: instead of 'temp down' type 'temp_down'.

IFTTT webhooks trigger fields

6. On the next screen click that

IFTTT webhooks click that

7. On the 'Chose action service' screen type in Sensibo in the search field and click the Sensibo icon.

IFTTT webhooks action service sensibo

8. Choose the action you want - Turn A/C on or Turn A/C off

IFTTT webhooks choose action

9. On the 'Complete action fields' screen choose the device from the drop-down list and then set the Mode, Temperature, and Fan Level (if applicable). Then click the Create action button. 

IFTTT webhooks action fields

10. The IFTTT has been created. Click Finish on the 'Review and finish' screen.

IFTTT webhooks review and finish

11. Go to My Applets and then click on Webhooks

IFTTT webhooks

12. From the 'Webhooks' screen click Documentation.

IFTTT webhook documentation

13. The Key will open on a new screen

Sensibo webhook key

14. Copy https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/{event}/with/key/{webhooks_key} to the webhook URL field on the Climate React screen and click APPLY.

Replace {event} with the Event Name from step 5.

Replace {webhooks_key} with the Key from step 13.

webhook URL on climate react screen

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