How to connect Sensibo Air PRO to my router

Sensibo Air PRO doesn't connect to my router

Check the following before taking any further actions:

  1. The name (SSID) and password for your network are correct
  2. Your network is online (visible when scanning for networks and you can use it from other devices)
  3. The router is set to transmit on 2.4GHz (Sensibo does not support 5GHz networks)
  4. You don't have special firewalls, vpns or proxies (consult with your IT or technician)
  5. If you have a WRT router, either disable WMM or force the 2.4 GHz network to operate only on 802.1.1

If your credentials were entered correctly and the network is indeed online, you might have issues connecting due to network settings such as firewall, VPN, or proxy.

You can also try to manually configure your Sensibo device to connect to your WiFi network. Follow this guide to do so.





Sensibo devices connect to on ports 443 and 80. Please make sure these ports do no have any restrictions on them that could prevent Sensibo devices from connecting successfully to the internet through them.


Sensibo needs DNS access. The DNS server address must be given via DHCP of your router.


Your internet providers could have a built-in firewall or proxy. Please check with your ISP.

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