How to set Climate React according to Temperature, Humidity, or "Feels Like" with myanywAiR next

You have the ability to set Climate React to trigger according to Temperature, Humidity, or "Feel Like".

  1. To begin, select the device you would like to activate Climate React.
  1. Swipe up to open the settings drawer. Press "Climate React".
  1. Select the trigger you wish to activate Climate React (Temperature only, Humidity only, or "Feels Like"). Then...
  • Adjust the A/C state
  • Mode
  • Fan level
  • Swing state
  • Desired temperature
  • Save
  1. If you choose "Feels Like" as a trigger, Climate React will trigger according to the Heat Index graph below. Any temperature below 80°F/27°C or relative humidity below 40% will not trigger Climate React.

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