How to calibrate the Temperature or Humidity

You can easily calibrate the Temperature or Humidity reading of Sensibo by doing the following:

1. Open, log in with your email and password.

2. Choose the device you want to calibrate the Temperature/Humidity for.

calibrate temperature humidity choose device

3. Click on the more icon.

calibrate temperature humidity more icon

4. Choose 'Advanced' from the drop-down menu.

calibrate temperature humidity advanced menu

5. Choose 'Calibrate Sensors' from the drop-down menu.

calibrate temperature humidity calibrate sensors menu

6. Set the 'temperature delta/ humidity delta' value.

calibrate temperature humidity temp humidity delta values

7. Click 'Close' to save changes.

calibrate temperature humidity save values


If you would like the Sensibo temperature to be increased by 3°, simply type in 3 in the 'temperature delta' box.

If you would like Sensibo to show 8° less, type in -8 in the 'temperature delta' box. 

Please note that you can always revert the changes by typing in 0 in the 'temperature/humidity delta' box.


*If you do not see the 'Calibrate Sensors' option, please make sure to clear the browser cache.

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