Energy Saver Plan - Optimus Anomaly Detection

Your Sensibo-powered smart AC is capable of so much more than just a convenient mobile app. Sensibo Optimus is constantly surveying your air conditioners’ performance and room climate to provide you with actionable insights. By using machine learning methods and other advanced algorithms, Optimus can detect various issues with your system and suggest how to fix them or direct you to consult a professional.

Using data mining Optimus learns the ins and outs of your room, how long it takes to heat or cool to the desired temperature, and the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Combined with other sensory information from the device and external info such as the weather, Optimus can detect when something is amiss. For example, a window has been left wide open, or your AC is set to a lower temperature than necessary resulting in wasted energy. Optimus will also suggest you power off your AC when outdoor temperatures are comfortable.

Anomaly Detection

Is your AC cooling efficiently? Optimus gives you the optimal temperature for efficient AC operation saving you money.

Weather Optimizations

Optimus helps you save energy by alerting you to turn off your AC when temperatures outdoors are cool.

Open Window Alerts

Sensibo alerts you when Optimus detects an anomaly regarding your AC environment based on your historical data.

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