Apple Siri Shortcuts

You can add Sensibo to your Siri Shortcuts.

Instead of opening Sensibo and setting your a/c to your favorite setting you can simply add a Siri Shortcut.


Here's a step by step guide to add Siri Shortcuts to Senisbo: 

  1. Open the Sensibo app and click on the a/c unit you want to add a shortcut for.

  1. Set the a/c to the preferred setting and click the settings wheel

  1. Choose 'Add a Siri shortcut for this state'.

  1. Record your Siri shortcut command
record siri shortcut
  1. Click Done in order to save the shortcut.

You can also choose to Edit or Delete the recorded shortcut.

siri shortcut done
  1. When using the Siri Shortcut you will see and hear a confirmation.
siri shortcut confirmation


*** To Re-Record or Delete the Siri phrase, go to:

iPhone Settings -> Sensibo -> Siri & Search -> Shortcut -> Tap the shortcut you want to edit -> Tap 'Re-Record Phrase / Delete Shortcut

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