Amazon Echo (Alexa) for myanywAiR next

To connect myanywAiR next to Amazon Echo (Alexa): 

  1. Go to your Alexa app (sign in if necessary).
  1. Go to 'Smart Home' and search for the Sensibo Skill then click on 'enable to use'.
  1. You will be redirected to myanywAiR next to 'authorize'. You will be prompted to enter your myanywAiR next username and password.
  1. Your myanywAiR next account will link to Amazon Echo (Alexa) and you can now run 'Discover devices'.
  1. Once linked, your myanywAiR next devices will appear under 'Smart Thermostats'.

You're good to go!

myanywAiR next acts as a thermostat device. Here are a few examples of usage:

*You may use the word 'thermostat', 'air conditioner', or 'a/c'. 

  • Turn on Living Room
  • Turn off Living Room
  • Set temperature in Living Room to 25 degrees
  • Increase temperature in Living Room (by X degrees)
  • Decrease temperature in Living Room (by X degrees)
  • What is Living Room set to?
  • What is the temperature in the Living Room?
  • Set Living Room to Heat / Cool / Auto

Please note: In order to send commands to Amazon Echo (Alexa), you must first turn on your A/C.

For example:

- Alexa, turn on Living Room A/C

- Alexa, set living room to Cool

- Alexa, set temperature to 25 degrees

*You cannot set the mode or temperature without asking Amazon Echo (Alexa) to turn the A/C on first.

Currently, Amazon Echo (Alexa) does not support changing the Fan level with myanywAiR next.

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