Error - Could not find Sensibo device network (Sensibo Air PRO)

Error - Could not find Sensibo device network

You are trying to set up your Sensibo device and received the 'Could Not Find Sensibo Device Network' error.


Follow these steps in order to manually connect your Sensibo device to your wifi network:

First please make sure that the Sensibo device is connected to the power and is blinking once every few seconds.

1. Open the WiFi settings and search for a network named 'SENSIBO-I-XXXXX' where the X is a 5 digit number. 

2. Connect to the SENSIBO-I-XXXXX network.

  • Please note that once you connect to the Sensibo device you will receive a notification that the internet will not be available. 

3. Open a browser window and type in the following in the address bar

4. Click on the 'Configure WiFi' button.

5. Enter the following details:

  • SSID - your wifi network or choose it from the list.
  • password - enter the password for your wifi network.

- Click the save button and close the browser window.

6. The connection to the  'SENSIBO-I-XXXXX' network will be dropped and the Sensibo device will start a blinking pattern until it stops. 

7. When the Sensibo device is dark, the LED light is not blinking, it has connected to your wifi network successfully! 

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