Energy Saver Plan - User Management

You can now control how you share your Sensibo devices with advanced user management! Add, remove, or view who you share your devices with and transfer ownership to another Sensibo user with ease! Energy Saver Plan users can additionally set minimum and maximum temperature per guest, restrict device sharing, and activate restricted mode to protect their AC configurations. 

Min/max temperature restrictions

Stop your favorite AC abusers cold in their tracks. Take control of your AC bill by setting a minimum temperature for cooling and a maximum temperature for heating. 

It is now easy to set temperature restrictions for any guest users so that you can make sure no one is running up your electrical bill with inefficient AC usage.

Protect your configurations

Protect your beloved Sensibo configurations with restricted mode. When a guest user is in restricted mode they can adjust basic AC settings but not your schedules, Climate React, or other advanced features. You can additionally restrict a users ability to share your Sensibo devices.

For just the cost of a cup of coffee a month, the Sensibo Energy Saver Plan pays for itself by allowing you to take control of your AC bills while staying comfortable.

To begin, swipe up on the device menu to open the settings drawer and select Share Device / Manage Users

As the owner of the device you can:

  1. Share the device
  2. Transfer ownership
  3. Set minimum and maximum temperatures for cooling and heating
  4. Restrict shared users from doing anything other than changing the AC state or sharing the device
  5. Remove device access

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