Benefits of the Energy Saver Plan (formerly Sensibo Plus)

Unleash the Power of the Energy Saver Plan (Sensibo Plus)

Packed with features to keep you cool, your energy bill low, and the air you breathe fresh, the Energy Saver Plan (formerly Sensibo Plus) uses advanced AI algorithms and machine learning, offering increased automation, optimization, data & A/C performance anomaly detection.

Get informed about your AC health & usage

Get alerted to performance anomalies, open windows & track your usage to start saving on energy bills and preventative maintenance.

Double your automation, increase comfort & savings

Unlock advanced automation, the Sensibo Widget, and more with the Sensibo Energy Saver Plan.

Protect the health of your family & your home

Get live weather & pollution updates, mold prevention, and an extended 2-year device warranty 

Detect AC efficiency issues with AC Health Check. Run your AC through a battery of tests and determine if it is cooling efficiently based on years of aggregated air conditioner data.

Get live weather and outdoor air quality updates. Our AI-powered algorithm uses local temperature, humidity, and air quality to suggest optimized AC settings.

Enjoy weekly and monthly usage graphs and view historical temperature, humidity, and user activity data.

Using machine learning the Energy Saver Plan can detect anomalies such as open windows or humid weather and suggest the most energy-efficient temperature to set your air conditioner.

Take your air conditioning automation to the next level. Now you can combine Climate React with Schedule and Geofencing, ensuring the perfect home climate.

Protect the air you breathe with our Anti-Mold feature, designed to dry residual moisture in your AC to reduce mold growth.

Gain valuable insight into your monthly AC usage

Control your devices from your phone's home screen with widgets

Add an extra year of guaranteed warranty protection

View each article in this section for a detailed description of all the great benefits of the Energy Saver Plan (Sensibo Plus)!

Sensibo Energy Saver Plan costs only *$2.49 a month for a yearly subscription.

*Prices may vary between countries.

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