Benefits of Sensibo Plus

Unleash the Power of Sensibo Plus

Packed with features to keep you cool, your energy bill low, and the air you breathe fresh

  1. Receive real-time weather and air quality notification that will help cut back on energy use.
  1. Save money with energy-saving tips so your AC is always set to efficiently Cool or Heat.
  1. Clean your filters on time, keeping you healthy while maintaining low energy bills.
  1. Get more out of Climate React by combining it with Schedule and Geofencing.
  1. Collect detailed weekly and monthly graphs and events.
  1. Analyze your A/C's performance with Health Check.
  1. Get special promotions and discounts!
  1. FREE extended 1-year warranty when you sign up for Sensibo Plus within the first four weeks of device setup. *Offer valid with purchase of the annual subscription.
View each article in this section for a detailed description of all the great benefits of Sensibo Plus!

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