Benefits of Sensibo Plus

Unleash the Power of Sensibo Plus

Packed with features to keep you cool, your energy bill low and the air you breathe fresh

  1. Get Real-time weather and air quality information.
  2. Receive real-time weather and air quality notification that will cut back on energy use.
  3. Save money with energy saving tips so your AC is always set to efficiently Cool or Heat.
  4. Clean your filters on time, keeping you healthy while maintaining low energy bills.
  5. Get more out of Climate React by combining it with Schedule and Geofencing.

What do you get with Sensibo Plus?

  1. Save Money -
    Sensibo will notify you when the weather is nice so you can turn off the AC

When the weather is nice Sensibo will send you a notification to your phone so you can open a window and turn the AC off.

  1. Stay Healthy -
    Sensibo will alert you when the air quality is unhealthy so you can close the windows

If the pollution levels in your area are high, Sensibo will let you know so that you can close the windows and keep a healthy indoor environment.

  1. Save on Energy Bills -
    Sensibo's Energy Saving Tips will let you know when the AC is cooling/heating inefficiently

Sensibo will notify you when your AC is set to an inefficient temperature and help you optimize energy usage so you don't waste money.

  1. Filter reminder

Cleaning the filters on time will not only save between 5%-15% on your energy bill, it keeps the air your breathe clean and healthy.

1. Tap Clean up Filters

2. The Filter menu will show that it is time to clean the AC filters

3. You will receive a push notification letting you when it's time

  1. Schedule Climate React

Get more out of Climate React by scheduling when you want Climate React to automatically maintain the room at exactly the temperature you want.

1. Tap the Schedule Menu

2. Tap the + icon

3. Add a new schedule and check Schedule Climate React

  1. Set Climate React with Geofencing

Have geofencing trigger Climate React for you so you don't have to think twice about controlling the AC when you enter or leave.

1. Tap the Settings menu

2. Tap Geofencing settings

3. Check

Turn on/off Climate React

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