How to Reset WiFi & Password for Sensibo Pure

You will need to reset the WiFi configuration on the Sensibo Pure if you recently changed your network WiFi name or password. The following will guide you through the process of reconnecting your Sensibo Pure to WiFi.

  1. First, you will notice your device is disconnected. Select "HELP"
  1. Select "Reset Wi-Fi settings" to continue
  1. In order to reset the WiFi on the Pure unit, press and hold the WiFi for 8 seconds. The WiFi button is the second button from the bottom.
  1. Once the WiFi button starts to blink, click next and it will begin scanning for the unit.
  1. Once found, you will be prompted to select the WiFi network and enter the password.

  1. It will apply the new changes and connect to the new network, update the password, or both.
  1. During this process, it will check for any firmware updates.
  1. Once successfully connected you will see the following notification.
  1. You will be given the option to set up Pure Boost or skip it and do it later. For more information on Pure Boost click here.

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