What is Airbend?

Airbend by Sensibo is an enterprise-level fleet management solution designed for buildings and businesses of all types. Airbend is a customizable and easy-to-use solution that includes wireless sensors, equipment controllers, and cloud-based software. Best of all, it works with all of Sensibo's IoT devices, it’s easy to install, it works right out of the box, and it saves you money. Control and monitor your business to keep energy costs at bay while maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.


Designed with your business in mind, Sensibo Airbend allows enterprise users to remotely control and monitor air conditioners and air purifiers via our dedicated web app. The enterprise control system allows you to view and control all your devices' power state, temperature, relative humidity, Climate React, schedules, and air quality. Sensibo Airbend saves energy which in turn saves you money in return.

  • Optimize energy savings
  • Bulk actions
  • Adaptive operation based on indoor and outdoor climate
  • Multi-user access
  • Remote management
  • Alerts, reports, and analytics
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Automatic air purification
  • Occupants stay comfortable and healthy


  • Control large groups of devices with a single click, from anywhere using a simple and powerful user interface
  • Monitor air temperature, relative humidity, device on/off status, target temperatures, air quality and air purifiers usage, and data across your entire organization
  • Perform bulk actions on groups of devices defined by your unique needs
  • Schedule turning on/off and change settings in bulk
  • Gain valuable insight into your equipment's energy consumption
  • Receive statistics about your network’s operation status


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