How to manually connect the Sensibo Pure to your WiFi network

Manually connect the Sensibo Pure to your WiFi network

If your Sensibo Pure loses WiFi connectivity or if your WiFi settings have changed, you can always set up the WiFi profile manually. Here's how:

1. Power cycle the Sensibo Pure device. Unplug it for at least 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

*If your Sensibo Pure doesn't reconnect to WiFi continue to step 2.

2. While the Sensibo device is connected to the power, press and hold the WiFi button (third button from the top) for five seconds. This will reset your WiFi.

3. If your device has lost WiFi connectivity, or if you have recently changed your router, your device will appear as "disconnected". Click "help".

4. The following screen will appear. The WiFi light will blink slowly and you need to set up your WiFi credentials again.

5. Select the WiFi network to which you would like to connect, enter the password and select "connect".

6. Once connected/reconnected to WiFi you will see the following screen.

7. Reconfigure your "Pure Boost". You can skip this step and configure it through device settings later.

*For more information on how to configure Pure Boost™ click here

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