How to manually connect myanwAiR next to your WiFi network

You can always set up the Wi-Fi profile manually. Here's how:

1. On your computer/laptop, open your Wi-Fi setting and connect to the ANYWAIR-I-XXXXX network. The network does not have internet access, so continue without internet access for the duration of the setup.

2. Open a browser window and enter the address A new window will open.

3. Enter your Wi-Fi network name and password. *Please note that it is case-sensitive.

4. Click 'Configure Wi-Fi'

5. Your AC unit's Wi-Fi light should start blinking until it will stop. Once it stops, you are connected.

6. Select your WiFi network from the drop-down list and then enter the password for your wifi network.

7. Click 'Configure'.

8. A notification will appear - "Wi-Fi Credentials Saved"

myanywAiR is now connected to your wifi network.

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